CCS would like to congratulate the final MVP’s of 2019 for General Contracting and Painting! We could not be more proud of who our employees selected for both departments.

The MVP program was created in 2019 as a way to recognize those employees that go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their teammates and CCS succeed. A CCS MVP is someone who volunteers to work weekends, who stays late to ensure no one else has to, or who goes out of their way to support someone on their team.

We are pleased to announce that the CCS MVPs for the final quarter of 2019 are Allan Hoffman (General Contracting) and Waldemar Matias (Commercial Painting).

Our GC MVP, Allan, has been with CCS since February 2015 and currently works as a Superintendent with the Healthcare Construction Team. Those that nominated Allan stated:

  • “He will be there where you need him, where you need him. Knowing that you can count on someone like that speaks volumes.”
  • “He is the oldest guy in the company and still works as hard as anyone.”
  • “He is always there to finish a project. He will not have a problem staying late to finish. It is never boring working with him, he always has something to talk about.”

Our Paint MVP, Waldemar, has been with CCS since June 2017 and currently works as a Superintendent on our Commercial & Healthcare Painting Team. Those that nominated Waldemar stated:

  • “He is always ready to work in any environment at any time, day or night. Waldemar shows great leaderships skills toward his projects and crew members every time and his projects reflect as such. He is a true craftsman at his trade and a phenomenal all around person.”
  • “The most complete and most responsible painter in the area of painting. We all have to learn from him on a daily basis, he deserves the recognition.”
  • “I think he is a great supervisor. He has a sense of responsibility and commitment to the work that infects everyone.”
  • “Does an incredible job and always has the best attitude. He is a pleasure to work with.”

We applaud o ur winners and look forward to seeing who will win in the next!

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