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We would like to take a moment to congratulate our 2020 MVP’s! It has been a year since we started the MVP program and would like to give our sincere thanks to our employees for participating and sharing such kind words about their co-workers. So far this year, four MVP’s have been named, with all being incredibly deserving of the award.

The MVP award recognizes two employees per quarter, one from the General Contracting side of the business and one from our Commercial Paint department. These MVPs are individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty and goes out of their way to support members of their teams.

Right after the coronavirus pandemic began impacting our area, we announced our First Quarter winners via our company newsletter, the CCS Connection. While we typically announce our MVPs at our monthly company meetings, we were unable to meet as a group at the time.


Our General Contracting MVP for the First Quarter was the well-deserving, Josh Bublitz. Josh joined our team in August of 2018 and currently works as a Superintendent on our Healthcare Construction Team. Those that nominated Josh stated that “he is a hard worker and he has come through for me a few times when I needed it.” As well as, “very dependable” and that “he is one of the hardest working guys I know.” Congratulations, Josh!






And, our Commercial Painting MVP for the First Quarter was the incredible Enrique Brito. Enrique has been with CCS since September of 2017 and currently works as a Painter, tackling Commercial and Healthcare projects. Those that nominated Enrique stated that “he is always available for and work” and “I admire his great strength.” As well as, “he is a valuable person with a lot of experience and knowledge.” Congratulations, Enrique!





Now that the Second Quarter has closed out, we have two additional winners to add to our CCS MVP Board!


The General Contracting MVP for the Second Quarter is Patrick Denslow. Patrick joined our team in June of 2018, starting in on the Commercial Construction team before switching over to Healthcare. Patrick’s nominators stated that he is “always willing to help,” “he has a good attitude,” and “he is very responsible.” His nominators also mentioned that “helps anyone however he can,” and “has everything for you to work” on his jobs. Well done, Patrick!






The Commercial Paint MVP for the Second Quarter is Iraldo Guerrero. Iraldo joined our team only a year ago but has quickly proven himself working as a Painter on Commercial and Healthcare jobs. Those that nominated Iraldo said that “he is a great worker,” he is “very disciplined,” and “he has a great attitude all day.” In addition, his nominators mentioned that “he is active and always available,” and “he works hard and helps anyone.” Well done, Iraldo!





Congratulations to all our winners that have been named this year! You all are incredibly deserving and we are lucky to have you all on our team. We applaud our winners and look forward to seeing who will win next!

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