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We are pleased to announce that the end of 2020 brought us two new MVPs that are equally deserving of the award. The MVP award recognizes two employee per quarter, one from the General Contracting side of the business and one from our Commercial Paint department. These MVPs are individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty and continually find ways to support their team members.

Our MVPs are nominated by every one of our employees, with the award going to the employee that receive the most votes per department.

And we are excited to name Jackie Hicks as our fourth quarter winner for Commercial Paint! Jackie is the longest reigning member of the paint department, starting with us in October 2014. He is truly the spirit of the paint department, always keeping a positive attitude and extraordinarily welcoming. Those that nominated Jackie said that he was “a good worker,” “well deserving of the MVP title,” and “always helping out and finding ways to make work easier.” He was also called “very loyal” and was noted as “always willing to help, even after hours.” Congratulations to Jackie!

We are thrilled the announce that the fourth quarter winner for General Contracting is Phil Pfautz! Phil has been at CCS for over five years, joining us in August 2015. He has proven himself to be a dedicated and hard-working member of the CCS family. Those that nominated Phil said that “he always has the supplies and materials to do the job” and is “always there.” Others stated that he “will do anything for anybody,” and “always work to the very end of the job, no matter how long it takes.” Congratulations to Phil!

We are incredibly proud of our newest MVPs!

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