The past year has been quite the whirlwind for CCS! 2019 provided a record level of growth for our company, with an exponential increase in the size and quantity of projects over last year. We attribute this growth to our wonderful employees and their tireless efforts to deliver the highest level of quality on all of our projects.

Last year provided CCS with plenty of change and its fair share of challenges. But, at the end of the day, the CCS family grew stronger and we look forward to an even better 2020. Over the course of 2019, we welcomed a large group of new hires, moved up on several of the Jacksonville Business Journals’ lists, initiated several new programs within CCS to better recognize and communicate with our employees, tackled some of our largest projects to date, and created a plan for the future of the CCS offices.

 New Hires

Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to welcome some incredible new hires. On a management level, this includes Richard Michaux (Healthcare Construction Project Manager), Devin Kennedy (Paint Assistant Project Manager), Sean Henderson (Healthcare Construction Assistant Project Manager), and Samantha Davis (Director of Business Development).

We have also added some wonderful new talent to our General Contracting and Paint Departments. This includes individuals at all levels, including Superintendents, Technicians, Technician Assistants, and Painters.

Jacksonville Business Journal Lists

In 2019, CCS moved up in rankings on several of the Jacksonville Business Journals lists and earned a spot on one we had not been featured on before. We moved up to the 12th spot on the Top Tenant Improvement Contractors List, the 22nd spot on the Top General Contractors List, and joined the Top Private Companies List, in the 26th spot.

We are thrilled to be recognized by the Jacksonville Business Journal for our efforts and look forward to seeing where we land on the lists in 2020.

 New CCS Employee Programs

One of our goals in 2019 was to better recognize and communicate with our field employees. While we may not see all of our staff on a daily basis, we aim to maintain high levels of communication with them, whether it be through our monthly company meetings, our quarterly events, or emails. In 2019, we rolled out the CCS Connection, a monthly newsletter for our employees to keep them aware of everything going on within the company. The newsletter highlights new hires, new projects or project updates, upcoming events, and other pertinent information we want to keep our staff aware of.

In addition to our newsletter, we decided to establish the CCS MVP program. The program recognizes an employee from the General Contracting department and an employee from the Paint Department on a quarterly basis. Our MVPs are individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty and support their colleagues within CCS, no questions asked. Since its creation in June, we have awarded six MVPs: Joe Bronson (General Contracting), Frank Cruz (Paint), Rasim Borovcevic (General Contracting), Ben Han (Paint), Allan Hoffman (General Contracting), and Waldemar Matias (Paint). We cannot wait to see who are next MVPs will be!

 CCS Office News

2019 brought tremendous growth to our company and in 2020 our building will be growing along with us. This year we will be building a new warehouse to better accommodate our staff and equipment. The warehouse project is pending city approval, but should hopefully be completed by the end of Q2.

We look forward to the new space and will be sure to share updates on the projects progress.

Thank you to all our employees and customers for a wonderful year! We look forward to another wonderful year with you all!

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